Scholarships for Ecology

Scholarships for Ecology


Experiencing life through nature

Ecology Scholarships

Becoming a steward of the earth isn't a subject commonly taught in school, even as important as it has become. One of the ways the Spirit of Alexandria Foundation has chosen to spread the love of nature and future stewardship of the earth is by providing scholarships for an ecology trip for middle-school aged students. In 2006, when the foundation was started, board members met with director (at that time) Jack Shea of Teton Science Schools, located in Jackson, Wyoming. Impressed with our mission, they offered the foundation 4 scholarships to the 10-day educational adventure program, Teton Xplorations. The program focused on exploring the diverse wildlife and the various landscapes of the Greater Yellowstone Area with Teton Science School instructors. The first 4 scholarships were awarded to students at Charyl Stockwell Academy, the school Alexandria attended). In 9 years, 29 students experienced the Tetons and Yellowstone, a place that Alexandria visited twice.

In 2015, a different direction was taken. Due to the ever rising cost of the program (Teton Science Schools no longer provided scholarships to us) and plane tickets, only able to send 2-3 students a year, the foundation and Howell Nature Center created a program that will give approximately 10 students a year to experience an ecology trip. 54 students have been awarded a scholarship to explore the great state of Michigan.


For application information please contact Howell Nature Center.