About Alexandria


Alexandria was a little girl with a boundless energy and love.... and a heart so big that she radiated warmth wherever she went. She was nearly 9 years old but wise beyond her years. She had a sense of compassion and spontaneity so magical that she was able to touch anyone that came into contact with her.

Born on January 4, 1997, Alexandria was a naturally happy child with a sparkling personality and great enthusiasm. She was also quite the explorer, interested in everything she saw. Alexandria loved nature and all things related. She had a deep sense of compassion for animals. Her love for the outdoors extended to all of kinds of creatures from butterflies, worms, frogs, insects, and more. She brought many of her outdoor friends into the house with her. There were containers all throughout the house holding her many pets! She cared for them just as a little mother would have, talking to and loving even the ugliest of creatures.

Alexandria's eagerness to learn and contribute to nature preservation led her to achieve both her Summer and Winter Junior Ranger badges through Yellowstone National Park. Other achievements included becoming a Junior Master Gardener through the State of Michigan.

With her concern for the environment, Alexandria was committed to helping out any way she could. She would even ride her bike up and down her street to pick up garbage.

That dedication carried over to her schoolwork as well. Alexandria adored her teachers and classmates. She was actively involved in her school, through her position on student council. She worried about new students and how she could help them feel welcome. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience of sharing things with the other students, including her furry and scaly friends.

Among Alexandria's many talents was a fondness for artwork and drawing. The artist in Alexandria emerged at a very young age along with strong organizational skills and a magnificent eye for detail. These traits were very prominent in everything she did, whether it was organizing her toys and dolls... or creating a beautiful drawing. Alexandria always knew exactly how she wanted things to be.

Her parents took great care to make sure she had everything she would need. They encouraged her interests and allowed her to explore her love for nature. She was well-cultured, going everywhere with her parents, whether it was a car race, a new restaurant, a new park for her to explore or a family vacation.

She loved her family dearly. Her contagious smile and sense of humor made everyone want to be around her. When Alexandria was little, she used to dress up as a cat and go through the whole day like that, pretending she was a cat. Alexandria had a great imagination and a zest for life, unique for a person of her age.

Alexandria was an inspiration in so many ways... not only to her family and friends, but to anyone with whom she came into contact. Those who knew and loved Alexandria will forever miss her....impacting the thoughts and lives of everyone she met.... and a legacy that will be carried on by her loving family and her many friends.

in the cosmos

Stopping to smell the Cosmos

planting trees

Transplanting evergreen trees started from seed from her great-grandfather

old faithful

Alexandria at Old Faithful working on her Jr. Ranger badge

walking in stream

Exploring a stream hoping to find some cool creatures

finding fossils

Searching for fossils