Alexandria's Tree House

Tree House


Learning Center in the Trees

The Spirit of Alexandria Foundation and Howell Nature Center (HNC) are thrilled to be teaming up once again to create an awe-inspiring 20-foot-high structure at Howell Nature Center: The Tree House. Stretching over a 7,000 square foot area, this wheelchair-accessible “Learning Center in the Trees” features 2 satellite platforms, a main deck with a covered house and windows, 2 walkways, 2 sets of stairs and a suspension bridge. The Tree House is a place where children and adults can come together to learn about nature while high above the ground, including nature activities and programs put on by The Spirit of Alexandria and Howell Nature Center.

Permanent activities include:
  • Bird-watching Station
  • Phenology Calendar
  • Naturalist Packs and Checklists (visit Welcome Center for more information at HNC)
  • Reading Nook
  • Informational Signage along Walkways
  • Spotting Scopes & Binoculars
  • Animal Tracks on Floor for Kids to Follow
Rotating Activities
  • Seasonal Information with Checklists
  • Posters of Trees, Blooming Flowers, Common Birds, etc.
  • Activity Suggestions and Tutorials: ie. “How to cross country ski.

Memories From the Tree House

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